A creative force, Moonwillow expresses her ideas fluently and skilfullyMoonwillow through the medium of literature. Inspired by the magickal community she writes about, she brings to life the medieval style in the clothes she creates for friends and family.

On meeting Moonwillow the first impression is a sense of wisdom. Not so much 'Earth Mother' as earthbound sage. It soon becomes clear that she is utterly unaware of this level of presence. She is welcoming, modest, quite down to earth really, but at the same time has a spark - the air of someone with an artistic energy fizzing away within a calm exterior.

I have been writing stories and poems since childhood. Add that to a very active and colourful imagination, plus personal life experiences and the end result is this, my first novel. My happiest childhood memories were of times spent alone in the fields behind my home with just the birds, the trees, the wind and nature to keep me company.

Gullveig & the Breaking of the Hexes is a fantasy-fiction novel set in a fictitious magickal world. The main character is a half-mortal-half-witch, complete with the many flaws and personal issues that we all face. The novel is about her personal struggles within herself as well as the magickal community in which she lives and the battle they face against the evil of their own kind.

Many people who have passed through my life have inadvertently helped to shape the many characters in the pages of my book. So whether these experiences with these people have been good or not so good, I thank them all.

I am in the process of writing the second novel in the Gullveig series and have in total, three planned, with two additional spin-off novels. Although there is every chance that this could change. The beauty of writing fiction is that you never quite know where it is going to take you. Where the unfolding of the story as you write it, will lead. So watch this space!!!

I am a pagan and live my life in that way. Being a pagan is not just about casting spells. It is about truly appreciating and having an understanding of nature and the universe and trying to work with the natural energies and elements that are all around us to the best of our ability for the highest good of all.