Gullveig & The Breaking of The Hexes

In this first Gullveig novel, Azura finally escapes her torturous childhood at the hands of her vicious mortal mother and finally finds a home in Gullveig, a hidden magickal community Gullveig and the Breaking of the Hexesburied deep within the heart of Eagle Mountains.

While she still lives and works at times in the mortal world and hides her true identity well from the mortals she provides her psychic services for, her two children Tiernan and Summa are raised and educated amongst the magick folk at Gullveig.

This is a story of how a half-mortal-half-witch goes into battle, using her magickal powers for the good of her beloved Gullveig alongside many magickal and mythical creatures as well as the shamans against some of the most evil witches and wizards imaginable.

This novel shows some of the very best in witchcraft as well as some of the worst.

Azura faces being kidnapped as well as a spectacularly dangerous battle being fought against evil over Mount Rushmore. But there are more surprises in store for Azura that even she couldn’t have predicted!!


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Kitties Save Christmas

This book has two beautifully illustrated festive tales for younger readers Kitties Save Christmas

The 1st is inspired by the poem Twas the Night before Christmas and the 2nd a beautiful tale of the Lady of the Moon. This is an enchanting Christmas Story with a fun little twist in the tale.

Santa’s reindeers are refusing to pull the sleigh on Christmas Eve as all the want to do is have fun in the snow and play. Can the Kitties help Santa and save Christmas Day for all!


Moonflower and The Lady of The Winter Forest

Moonflower & The Lady of Winter Forest

Some of you may remember Moonflower and her adventures from The Enchanted Forest of the Winter Fairies. Well it seems that Moonflower is here to stay for a while and her adventures continue.

In this festive novel Moonflower is blessed by the presence of the Lady of the Winter Forest and all the gifts that she brings with her for the winter season. A time of learning and great joy awaits Moonflower whereas it would seem that her more self-centred neighbour Clarissa has a few harsh lessons she needs to learn from the Lady.


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